Bravi Private Label

Founded in 2012, Bravi Outsourcing and Private Label is today the only Brazil references in the development of dental and health products, outsourcing in the production process, as well as the development of private label projects. Its portfolio of action brings together vast experience in the dentalarea, employees in the incessant search for optimized production processes, which reduce costs and increase the quality in the production of materials of the most varied. With outstanding performance in the dental area, Bravi has know-how to produce various consumer materials, aesthetic and daily-use materials in dental offices, enabling its customers to outsource production processes, as well as a wide complementation in its product line . It has a technical team formed by professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in the areas of research, development, production and marketing of dental products, capable of bringing efficiency, safety, quality and productivity to ours costumers.

Strategically located in the city of Itajaí, the largest logistics center and one of the largest economy in Santa Catarina, the company has an area of 700 m². It has an optimized production process with equipment for mixing, filling, labeling and packaging any kind of dental product, with production capacity of 3000 kg/month of gels and filling of 400 thousand syringes/month.

Bravi has engineers and technicians with experience and expertise in the areas of gels and solutions used in the dental area, photopolymerizable composites, hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate for bone regeneration, implantable materials and optimization of production processes.

  • Operation Permit (AFE) – ANVISA – BRAZIL
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (BPF) – RDC16 ANVISA – BRAZIL
  • ISO13485 – Medical Devices –Bsi


Private Label
and Outsourcing

We are ableto produce the costumer product totally or partially, depending on the necessity and objective of each customer.

New Product

Search for improvements in the diverse characteristics of the costumer products, and development of specific products for each need of our clients.

Private Label and Outsourcing

In this model, Bravi produces, in its industrial plant, products owned by its customers, acting in the outsourcing of its production process. Outsourcing, in this modality, can take place totally or partially, depending on the needs and objectives of the client. Consult us to know more about this form of action, which the main objective is reduction costs and the optimization the time and resources of ours customers, who are now more clearly dedicated to sales, leaving Bravi to manage the production issues.

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New Product

Bravi has experienced staffto development and study new products, mixing practice and theory in the research and development of new technologies and products. With academic experience and having worked in large R&D projects of leading companies, Bravi offers its clients consultancy in the improvement of products or even partnership todevelop innovative products..


Bravi develops innovative products and solutions, all products could be modified searching the costumers needs.